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Our Approach

We evaluate the long-term prospects of cryptocurrencies by studying them as if they were a publicly listed company. In other words, we perform fundamental analysis and make that research available to everybody. We look at the fundamentals of each project, the sector it operates in and the reason it exists (often referred to as the narrative). We also examine each project’s tech stack, token ownership structure and competitors. 

We aim to determine whether a crypto project has long-term growth potential.

Altcoin analyst – Main Features

What We Study.

Each study is different, but we evaluate the following categories across all cryptocurrencies to understand their long-term value.

Altcoin Analyst
Why each coin exists

Why the coin exists (the narrative): the problem it is trying to solve and why it is needed.

Altcoin Analyst
Professional history

The team working on the project and their professional history. A team with strong technical and business experience indicates a project's ability to execute its vision.

Altcoin Analyst

A project's revenue, in the same way you would measure revenue in a listed company. It can be used as a sign of a project's potential and profitability.

Altcoin Analyst
Addressable market

The overall revenue opportunity for a project, which gives an idea of the total addressable market. We estimate the potential size of the industry or the number of paying customers.

Altcoin Analyst

Developer activity on a project. A project with low or declining developer activity indicates lessening interest, and projects need people working on them to deploy new products, patches, and updates.

Altcoin Analyst
Competitors and more

Comparative projects, which will often have similar objectives but different strategies, tech stacks and teams. We will run a competitor analysis as if it were a listed company.

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